Gangrenous shoots of pain
Get fired in my brain
In a smooth and innocent flow
For only destruction to follow

Howling whispers between lost lovers
Phantom limb syndrome
Invading vivid membranes

As all is Crimson and not Clover coloured

The pumping organ is biting himself
Delivering fright to all others there
Shadows only disfigure shivers
Like in a cell, like in hell



The lights hiss loudly at the night

The warm walls are ruins hit by cold beams

Sand in between my toes

The smell of hot piss caught in the wind
Pictures of you, motionless in my mind
Golden hours and blue hours

Unravel like flames riding a snow sledge

Malnourished ribs on cats

Spray painted penises

The smell of rotting fish
Pictures of you, motionless in my mind
Waves ungraspable to the naked eye

Mountains are tall and are hiding the moon

Men with fat bellies ordering their wives around
Pictures of you, motionless in my mind
I’m lost in the forest when left without you

Exoskeleton floating on the window web

Lone captive debris, golden with hints of blue


Auburn memories sweeping my brain

Electric shocks of love

Every time I remembered

How I had missed her face

As Dispassionate needs overwhelm me 

She hugs me tight in our tangled friendship

Often apart we never really are

She keeps me alive and she ignores all about it

Soft spoken beauty swearing 

Gold poison drinking

Unexplored territories map her thoughts 

Her words her ways and we can’t let that rot

The Stars and the moon are nothing 

Without her by my side

White greedy castles have now risen all around

Grey noises cover the beauty of sound

Curtains are drawn on the celestial gods

And they all choose their  lives in catalogues 

She is the purest heaven in my hell

My Snow White, mon héroïne


Pink cobbled streets in stormy weather

Amongst past phantoms 
Smelling like heather
We sit still and witness no further

Unhealthy whispers uttered by collar bones
Theatre manners replacing true sorrow 
Softened voices glancing all over
Regretting not much and breathing
Like a fish out of water

I wish all was as true as my heart beat at dawn
When I’m thinking about when it all begun 

Eternal is nothing until you’ve felt it all
The pain, the “happy” and all those shadows 
Paper tokens make me sick and I’d rather deal arrows
Sweet purple rain drops raining all over me



There’s a 100 feet tall bridge

Shadows stroll upon

There’s me and there’s the ridge

Faint tip toes and a moan

Reigning supreme over dirty waters

Grey stones and withering colours 

I want to perish I want to rot 

This world is a synecdoche 

Metal compartments in a hurry

Money matters and plastic surgery

Frozen babies, ham and rye…

Human cargos make no one cry

They come in my house

And ask me why is it I want to die

Banging on the door

Like no one ever did before 

There’s me in dirty waters

But there’s you 

And there’s the sky

I dream of my

Weightless floating bones 

making their way

Steadily to the city sewer 

I woke up when I died 

The dirty river water in our sheets

The moon shone on your shoulder

And I went back to sleep



We told everyone 

We had met 

In a mental institution 

On a green squeaky bench

In an alley full of trees

It was raining

your eyes were true

But it felt blue
We told everyone

We had already met 

In a past life, near an ocean 
The tide was high, the sand was wet

I wore white

My skin was see-through

We told everyone 

We will meet again
Far away on distant land

Once the sun 

Is way past the zenith

In the desert

Of my heart




My daily overdose 

My jungle prose
Translucent pink shadows

Golden bows and arrows 
Entrapped somewhere 

Amongst sharp shadows

Live small pieces of hope 

Glowing invisibly in a rut
Reptiles with rough tongues

Reach through my mouth and skull

Roding past fiery axons

Trespassing my soul 

Bulldozing cells 

Breaking membranes
Through my throat, through my veins

The lizard king wiggles his tail.




On foreign land

You left me stranded

The wind was blowing savagely

Just as madly as today’s Katie
The blows undisguised your backhand

And I stood there silent soaked and blinded
There’s was something breaking

There was something awakening
Slowly,my heart shrunk into radioactive decay
On that day, on Solar Day




Black water and shopping riders  

Frail bones casting stones

Black gold and Cow-boy hats

Underwater excavations for

Undefinable valuables
Mantras for the blind

Prayers for the sick

Dog food for the rich
Plastic hip syndrome

Plastic heart attacks
Burr-hole scars

On the scalp

Of the Earth

No one can hear 

The sound of the drill

Heads lay heavy on feathered pillows